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How Humble Churches Across the Nation Are Helping the Homeless

How Humble Churches Across the Nation Are Helping the Homeless

How Humble Churches Across the Nation Are Helping the Homeless

Churches help their local communities where they can. Here’s how humble churches across the nation are helping the homeless and how you can too.
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Currently, half a million people in the United States are homeless.

While many different organizations focus on homeless outreach, none are more proactive than Christians. Propelled by Jesus’ love and command to reach out to those less fortunate, Christians have been taking care of the homeless since the start of Christianity.

So how are Christians helping the homeless and how can you get involved? Keep reading to find out!

1.Meal Programs
Meal programs are kitchens that serve meals to the homeless. In most cases, the meal is free or served at a very low cost.

Meal programs are typically run by volunteers and are independently owned. One of the largest Christian programs that cater to the homeless, The Salvation Army, has a website where you can locate a meal program center in your area.

2. Food Banks And Food Pantries
Food pantries are establishments where people who need food can find it. Food pantries are more popular with low-income families who have trouble putting food on the table. Churches collect donations from their congregations and the surrounding community and give it to the local food pantry.

Food banks are the places where food is gathered and then distributed directly to food pantries, similar to a relationship between a farmer and a grocer. Most people do not receive food from the food bank but pick it up at the food pantry instead.

3. Donate Clothing
Clothing, especially socks, are needed for the homeless. Many of them do not have the means to buy clothing for themselves, or their families, and may struggle to stay warm in the cold months.

Some churches even have donation areas where members of the congregation or parish can drop off clothing items and donate it to their local shelter.

4. Make Supply Bags
The homeless need basic supplies to maintain proper hygiene. Supplies like toothpaste, shampoo, wipes, small food items, medical supplies, and so forth are all necessities that we take for granted.

Churches across the nation put together kits containing these items and hand them out to people in need. In some cases, homeless ministries operated by volunteers at the church take dozens of these kits to homeless people around their local area.

5. Shelters And Programs
Not all those who are homeless are by choice. Many lose their jobs, are immigrants, veterans, or simply have jobs that don’t pay the bills, so they struggle to stay on their feet.

There are programs in place for the homeless to learn new skills, work through their addictions, or help them land higher-paying work. One of the reasons this type of help is so important is because it respects the dignity of each person.

Not every shelter offers this kind of assistance, but it’s an invaluable resource to keeping people from staying off the streets.

Christians Helping The Homeless
Helping the homeless is a central part of the Christian faith. How can you follow in their footsteps and volunteer your time and resources for a good cause?

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