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5 Best Items to Donate to Homeless Veterans
Donate to Homeless Veterans

5 Best Items to Donate to Homeless Veterans

5 Best Items to Donate to Homeless Veterans

5 Best Items to Donate to Homeless Veterans

Looking to improve the lives of homeless veterans in your community? Then check out this guide about the best items to donate to homeless veterans.

Did you know 9 percent of those who are homeless are veterans? It’s difficult to imagine that the people who were once fighting on the front lines for our country are now living without basic necessities.

Once they return from deployment, veterans must navigate the hardships of finding affordable housing while also dealing with the lasting effects of the emotional trauma they’ve experienced during their time on the job.

In an effort to give back to those who gave it all for our protection, what can you donate to homeless veterans to make their lives a little easier?

1. Toothbrush/Toothpaste

Hygiene items are taken for granted by those who can easily run to the store to buy more when they’re out. For homeless veterans, this can be a difficult task and is one of the lowest priorities as they search for a warm meal and a place to sleep.

Grabbing more than one toothbrush and toothpaste next time you have to refill is a simple way to help homeless veterans to feel their best. You might even consider a couple of travel packs. Even a little goes a long way.

Click here to purchase our basic hygiene kit.

2. Socks

Socks are one of the most requested items from homeless shelters, yet they’re one of the less frequently donated. Contrary to popular belief, socks do so much more for a homeless veteran than just protect their feet from the cold.

If you’ve ever worn wet socks you know just how uncomfortable it can be, but did you know wet socks breed bacteria and disease. The simple act of donating a pair of socks ensures that 1 homeless veteran will be protected from infection. They can also walk miles a day for food, water, and shelter. New socks keep their feet healthy and blister-free.

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3. Underwear

Everyone, not just those who are homeless, needs clean underwear. A pair of clean underwear can prevent infection and reduce the risk of bacteria that can gather when wearing the same pair for days in a row.

A new pair of underwear is also a great confidence booster, especially after a hot shower. It gives homeless veterans a sense of dignity that they might have felt was missing.

4. Deodorant

Similar to a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant helps with personal hygiene, ensuring that a homeless veteran can be healthy no matter what their living circumstances look like.

Something as simple as picking up and an extra stick of deodorant when shopping helps contribute to a healthier and more hygienic community, giving homeless veterans dignity and confidence.

5. T-Shirts

Next time you open your drawer, count how many t-shirts you have. Now count how many of those you wear on a daily basis.

Many businesses and events give out free t-shirts just for showing up or participating. The majority of those shirts go in our drawers, never to be worn. The next time you go through your unworn clothes, set aside those like-new shirts and donate them to a homeless veteran. Odds are, they’ll get better use out of them than your closet will.

Make a Different and Choose to Donate to Homeless Veterans

Putting together a box of items to donate to homeless veterans isn’t a difficult task. America is a country of excess, so why not spread that blessing to those who need a little extra help?

If you’re looking to make a difference, but aren’t sure where to start, check out this website that helps guide you in contributing to the needs of those that are homeless.


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