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Homeless Children: How Many There Are in America and How You Can Help Them

Homeless Children: How Many There Are in America and How You Can Help Them

How to Help Homeless Children in America

There are millions of homeless children right now in America who need all the help they can get. Find out here how you can play your part.

We live in a time where economic instability is typical. Although many people don’t like to think about homeless families, it’s a realistic part of our society. According to Covenant House, 2 million American children experience a period of homelessness each year.

Whether a family becomes homeless due to a lack of income, a fire, or a natural disaster, the impact is severe. Homeless children struggle to maintain good grades, get adequate sleep, clothing, and nutrition.

It’s essential to help homeless families during their time of need.

Read along to find out how you can help.

Five Ways To Help Homeless Children in America

When it comes to homeless people, it’s essential to educate yourself on the issue. Homelessness could happen to anyone, even you. According to Forbes, 78 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. 

Therefore, it’s not impossible for anyone to become homeless, especially if an emergency happens. All it can take is an accident requiring hospitalization for someone to fall behind on monthly bills. If the income doesn’t stabilize, the outcome could be an eviction.

No one wants to think of a child or teen uprooted from their home, but it happens. So it’s up to all of us to pitch in and ease the stress of this problem.

1. Keep Them Educated

If you know a child whose family is homeless, try to arrange for transportation to and from school. Children moving around tend to miss classes and field trips, according to Kaplanco.com.

It’s difficult for homeless kids to complete their work without the proper supplies. Start a drive at local schools to collect notebooks, pens, pencils, calculators, book bags, and other essential items. Or raise money to purchase our ready to use school kits.

But don’t forget the importance of hygiene. When money is tight basic needs might go unmet. So getting bags of toiletries, hair care products, and feminine products will help a homeless child or teen.

2. Routine Check-Ups

Children and adolescents need proper healthcare. When kids are homeless, going to the doctor isn’t always possible.

Linking homeless youth to medical and mental health services is beneficial. Search for local organizations that help parents of homeless children get medical coverage and transportation to appointments.

Keeping a child healthy allows them to develop and do well in school.

3. Support Them

Treating homeless people like a human being is crucial, especially for children. It doesn’t matter if they live on the street or in a shelter; everyone deserves respect.

Sometimes listening to a person and acknowledging them makes a difference. Volunteering at a shelter or organization that works with the homeless population could brighten someone’s day.

Offering to help a homeless child finish their homework or study for an exam could them maintain a steady G.P.A.

4. Get The Kids Involved in Activities

Search for programs for children and ask if they make an effort to include homeless kids. Reach out to schools to see if they could promote the programs to their students.

Just because a kid is homeless doesn’t mean he or she shouldn’t enjoy extracurricular activities, trips, or sports.

5. Help Their Parents

A child’s life is the direct result of their parents’ situation. If a parent struggles financially, then so does the child.

Sometimes parents need assistance completing forms for services, getting to appointments, and applying for employment.

An employed parent that earns enough money can begin providing for their child again.

Help Now

Poverty and homelessness never sleep. Use the tips discussed and begin making a difference in the lives of homeless children.

To get started in linking children and teens in need of basic items contact us today.


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