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Creative Ways to Start Giving Back to the Community

Creative Ways to Start Giving Back to the Community

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Giving Back to the Community

Creative Ways to Start Giving Back to the Community

There are plenty of ways to start giving back to the community besides donating money. Click here to look at some of these creative giving ideas.

$410 billion was donated to charity in 2017. Clearly, there are a lot of philanthropic individuals out there who want to help others. We could all do with taking a leaf out of their book!

Are you looking for ways to make a difference?

Well, giving back to the community is a great place to start. Even better, you don’t have to spend a dime.

Sometimes, there’s far more value in your time and effort. Sound good?

Read on for four creative ways to give back to your community.

1. Donate Hygiene Kits to people in need

Hygiene Kits help people whose lives are torn apart by disaster, illness, poverty or simply helps those without access to these resources on a regular basis.

Hygiene Kits are life changing consumable goods that are very helpful for those that are suffering or recovering from recent disruptions.

These hygiene kits offer that first line of defense against the spread of illness, a first step toward good health and they provide tangible hope for those who are suffering.

2. Donate Unwanted Goods

Many of us are lucky enough to have excess items that do nothing but take up space. Clothes, shoes, sports equipment, technology, DVDs—the list goes on!

Your unwanted possessions could make a real difference to someone less fortunate. Many people in the community may lack the very basics.

Donating your things to a charity or non-profit is a classic way to make a difference.

Nothing like it in town? You could organize an event to collect second-hand clothes from around the community. Invite people along to buy what’s gathered and give the money to a charity instead!

3. Become a Scout Leader

Are the Scouts or Girl Guides set up in your area?

You can guarantee they’ll be interested in your help!

These groups provide a service of immense value to young people. For many children in the area, they’re a source of friendship, learning, and camaraderie they won’t find elsewhere.

As volunteer organizations, they rely upon the efforts of people like you to keep them running. Head down to your local group to see how you can get involved.

4. Open a Community Space

Communities need spaces to come together to thrive.

You could open a new community area to bring people together. A community garden is a prime example of something that can become a treasured resource.

It’s sad to know how many individuals feel lonely and isolated. Some studies show as many as 75% of us feel lonely! Having a warm and welcoming community space to visit and spend time with others can be invaluable.

Want to lend a helping hand to homeless people in the community? Our hygiene kits can make a real difference.

5. Hold a Community Clean-Up Event

Your community can never be too clean!

Another way to make a difference is to organize a community clean up. Invite others in the area to do a walkaround of a certain area, clearing it of the litter as you go.

End the day with a trip to a coffee shop, or something similar, as a reward for your hard work.

Cleaning trash is hardly a glamorous affair. But doing it together can rally people around their community, building a sense of pride and ownership of the space in the process.

Time to Start Giving Back to the Community

Giving back to the community doesn’t just involve handing out money.

As we’ve seen, there are plenty of ways to do it that don’t cost a dime! Sometimes, it’s your time, effort, and compassion that make the biggest difference to others.

Hopefully, this post has provided some inspiration on how to do it.

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