ANSI 2015 SmartCompliance Food Service Cabinet w/o Medication,25 People,94 Piece


  • Innovative cabinet designed for food service industry to take on common injuries.
  • Patented snap-in boxes keep first aid organized and easy to restock.
  • Easy management of first aid supplies over multiple locations using the SmartCompliance SafetyHub App.
  • SmartTab® ezRefills reduce costs; easily snap into place in cabinet.
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA regulations and ANSI standards with simple monitoring.
  • FAO SafetyHub app helps you monitor usage to stay compliant and benchmark consumptions and will remind you when it’s time to reorder while minimizing inventory costs.
  • The SmartTab ezRefill system makes sure you don’t over order unnecessary supplies.
  • Dispenser system reduces pilferage.
Weight 6.24 lbs
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