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43 Tuft Premium Nylon Toothbrush (individual box)


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43 Tuft Premium Nylon Toothbrush (individual box)


43 Tuft Premium Nylon Toothbrush (individual box) is good choice for both sexes (Male & Female) and it is available here at www.InStockSupplies.Com in bulk case packing. This Freshmint brand single use toothbrush is a perfect generic disposable toothbrush. It is also a good choice for hygiene kits.This is one of the most economical Nylon Toothbrush made by Freshmint which comes in individual box. The American Dental Association says that everyone should brush his/her teeth twice in a day and they also state that we should change our brush after every three or four months or earlier if their bristles are soft. The more bristles on the head of toothbrush the more best quality the toothbrush is considered and it can be use for many days with premium experience.


Product details:


    • Packed: 1 toothbrush per box


    • Pieces in one case:  288


    • Material : Nylon bristles


    • Brand: Freshscent


    • Color: White


    • Container: Individual Box



Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
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