The ONE world in which we all share is in a state of constant change. This includes wars, weather and economic conditions. The mitigation of people is constant, their needs unending.

1.8 million people die from diarrhea diseases each year. TOGETHER we can make a difference. Join other team members in your company to make hygiene kits. The satisfaction and rewards last a lifetime. We supply every thing your company needs for a kitting event. Choose from our pre-selected kits or customize your own.

Products are FOR ALL the people in the world in need. They might be right next door or as far away as Syria, India,Jordan, Iraq or Ethiopia. These people are waiting for your help. Designate a charity or organization and we will ship them there. Or we can send them to a non-profit in need from our list of organizations requesting donated products.

Let’s talk. Call us at 847 677-7413 or email to Let’s join together for change.