• 2.4 oz Freshmint Denture Adhesive

2.4 oz Freshmint Denture Adhesive

2.4 oz Freshmint Denture Adhesive  offers enough protection and care to your dentures. It also strongly holds your denture in its place without many applications. It is similar to a glue. It has an extra strength holding power. Use this product for long lasting and a great fit.  According to a study there are 33 million people who have dentures and they are of all ages. If you are one of them then 2.4 oz Freshmint Denture Adhesive will help you so that you can face the world with confidence. Dentists recommend this brand because it prevents slipping and food cannot get in-between dentures or gums. This is best for both partial dentures and full plate.

Product Details:

  • No artificial taste/flavor and colors
  • easy screw on cap
  • Daylong hold
  • Package: 6 boxes of 12
  • 72 items per case
  • Freshmint flavor everyday
  • Doesn’t change or interfere the natural taste of food

The color or design of the product can be different from the product’s photo on our site.

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2.4 oz Freshmint Denture Adhesive

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